Recovery Mode

Hello all! Thank you all for the support and concern as I heal up! While on my way into Damascus I was in a lot of pain and after taking 3 days off I was unable to get back on the trail without the pain returning. A doctor in Abingdon said it was just shin splints but we were not convinced her prognosis was correct. After discussing things with Kory and my family I made the decision to head home so I could get a second opinion. I went to a specialist who did an ultrasound and we found my muscle in my right leg was extremely inflamed and there was no fracture which is what we thought the pain was due to past injuries. The doctor put me in a boot and I am currently doing physical therapy twice a week to strengthen my leg and get me healed up to get back on the trail! It has been extremely hard to sit inside all day when all I want to do is get back to the woods! I talk to Kory as much as possible as he makes his way through Virginia but I can’t help but be envious that he’s still trekking along, especially when he got to see the mini ponies at the Grayson Highlands! I am hoping for a full recovery and the ok from my doctor to head back out in a few weeks! I am a little nervous but I hope this r&r has been enough to get me to Maine! I have enjoyed spending time with my family while I am here but I am counting down the days until I can return! Again, thank you all for the encouragement and concern!

Florida Sunset


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