Harpers Ferry Or Bust!

The dates are booked and I am so excited to get back on the trail! I was trying to get back on my birthday but with Kory’s zero days it was going to be hard for him to make it to Harpers Ferry by the 13th. So, I will be flying into Washington DC on the 19th and my aunt and her family have offered to drive me to Harpers Ferry which is about a 2-hour drive. I am both excited and anxious about my return. I have been working on my physical therapy and my mom has been walking and climbing stairs with me almost every day since I got the ok. I am hoping the rest will be enough once I get back on the trail. Kory’s legs have been feeling the stress of the trail as well. He stayed in Waynesboro, VA for a few days to rest and ice his shins and headed back out yesterday. I’m hoping the R.I.C.E did him some good! He has a little over 160 miles to go before he reaches Harpers Ferry!

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