Pennsylvania to Massachusetts 

We are in Great Barrington, Massachusetts today! It’s been a crazy month of hiking! We have officially crossed Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut off the list!

Pennsylvania was quite challenging, not in terms of elevation but because of the rocks! Big rocks, little rocks. You name it, we walked over it! The boulder scrambles were fun and somewhat challenging but the difficult sections were the paths with grapefruit size rocks! It was difficult to keep a steady pace above 2 miles an hour because you had to watch every step you took but we managed to get into Delaware Water Gap without any twisted ankles! We had some awesome trail magic at a couple of intersections which really cheered us up! Our buddy, Gimli, caught up to us in town after we took a few zeros so we hiked out with him to cross the state border!

Once we passed the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border we were in heaven! The NJ section of the trail is absolutely beautiful! There are tons of amazing views and awesome boardwalks through open fields of yellow, purple and white wildflowers! The first lunch break we had in New Jersey was next to a glacier lake where we saw a beaver and some water snakes. We stopped into a couple of towns to indulge on homemade ice cream and delicious bagels (Florida is missing out on real bagels). Not only was the scenery beautiful but the people were awesome too! We both agreed that NJ and NY have been our favorite states so far!

New York was just as beautiful as New Jersey! We had quite a few animal sightings including 2 large black bears, a porcupine, a momma deer with her 2 babies and lots of snakes! We walked through the Trailside Museum and Zoo and then passed over the Hudson River with Gimli! Gimli lived in NY for a while and has friends who live outside of Manhattan so we got to see NYC for the first time! We walked all over the city, ate a ton of food and visited Gimli’s favorite bars. We were only in the city for a day but we felt like we had been off the trail for days! We took the train back out to the trail and ran into a SOBO hiker, Slugbait, who walked with us along the railroad to a local deli. They let us camp behind their store and hooked us up with some amazing food and free goodies!

Connecticut was short but sweet! The elevation gain has definitely increased so we’ve had a lot more ups and downs! There was one section before the Massachusetts border that was absolutely incredible! The trail followed a steam with lots of waterfalls and mossy rocks, we stopped a lot along the trail to soak in the views!

We had three good climbs yesterday once we hit Massachusetts! We are definitely getting prepped for the Whites. There were some pretty open fields and a couple of farms we passed through. We made it into Great Barrington to grab some Mexican food and a shower! We are heading back in action today!

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